How We Work

At Alpha Research we believe in horses for courses.  We won’t try to sell you a packaged, off-the-shelf product.  Instead we’ll listen to what you want to achieve from your research, consider your target audience and the budget available, and propose the most appropriate approach to meet your needs. 

Practical solutions

We believe in providing practical solutions to your research problems.  We’re not restricted to any specific techniques or methodologies, but can draw from our years of experience and offer a creative and flexible approach to designing research which gives you exactly what you need.

What’s more, we believe that there’s more to research than just producing data.  Our reports are always focused and actionable, offering real insight, not just information.

A tailored service

We understand that some clients want more from us than others.  If you’re new to commissioning research, or simply want us to take everything off your hands, we can offer a full service, from survey design to presentation of findings and recommendations.  We can liaise with your internal clients to ensure that the research meets everyone’s needs, and can even help you disseminate the results internally or publicly.  Alternatively, you may want our help with some elements of the research, while keeping other elements in-house.  We’re happy to do as little or as much as you require.  For instance, we can offer:

  • Consultancy on research design / questionnaire design
  • Fieldwork only
  • Fieldwork and tabulation
  • Analysis services (from simple tabulation to more complex data analysis)
  • Interpretation of results

Research Methods

We employ a wide range of research methodologies, including both quantitative and qualitative techniques:

Quantitative (ad-hoc or continuous):

  • Face-to-face interviews (in home, in street, central location)
  • Telephone interviews
  • Postal self-completion questionnaires
  • Online / email surveys
  • Diaries
  • Observation / Footfall surveys


  • Depth interviews (individual / paired)
  • Group discussions (full groups / mini-groups)
  • Workshops

We also employ mixed methodologies (e.g. elements of qualitative and quantitative techniques) when this is appropriate.

What Our Clients Say

We have been lucky enough to received many testimonials from clients over the past 30 years, here are a selection of some of these endorsements.