Who We Research

At Alpha Research we believe in inclusive research. Whatever your target audience, we aim to represent it accurately and comprehensively.  We believe that for research findings to be robust and actionable, it’s essential to speak to the right people.
Over the years we’ve gained a reputation for going the extra mile to reach sections of the community so often neglected or overlooked by research, whether they be non-English speakers, people with mental or physical health problems or time-pressured professionals.

Our interviewers have years of experience in gathering information from all sorts of people from all walks of life, so you can be confident that your research findings truly reflect the views of your target audience.

We also take great care of our respondents.  In some ways they are our most precious resource, and we couldn’t work without them. In all our work we remain conscious that these are your customers (or may be one day) and so we treat them as we’d treat our own.

Examples of some of the groups we’ve researched recently…

  • General Public
  • Consumers / Customers / Non-customers
  • Service users / Non-users
  • Hard-to-reach and excluded groups:
  • Children and young people
  • Older people
  • BME communities
  • Homeless people
  • People with learning disabilities
  • People with mental health problems
  • People with physical / sensory disabilities
  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • People with HIV
  • Self-employed business owners
  • Senior Executives / Professionals
  • Government officers / Councillors / MPs
  • Employees

What Our Clients Say

We have been lucky enough to received many testimonials from clients over the past 30 years, here are a selection of some of these endorsements.