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Our work with housing associations has included some of our most interesting and innovative research. For example, with our professional backgrounds in psychology and social work we have been able to develop techniques for understanding the needs of many specialist target groups, such as the elderly, people with profound learning difficulties or with mental health problems, homeless households, refugees and young people leaving care.

Often these projects have bolstered services for people who have not previously had the opportunity to voice their needs. That said, we are also often called upon to conduct research with a cross section of a local population to establish views of housing services, proposed housing developments or planning issues.

Octavia Housing

I had contact with Alpha Research when I was at East Thames Housing Group, working in care and support services. They helped us with a customer insight project involving surveys of older and vulnerable residents. Alpha demonstrated that they understood how to approach people with confidence and communications issues who may not have been asked for their opinions previously. They were flexible and accommodated differing needs when conducting surveys, whether face to face, written or telephone. Alpha’s reporting was of good quality and easy to understand, and they were happy to present the data in various ways without incurring extra cost. They were very cooperative, undertaking further focus group work when required. Compared to other suppliers who had taken part in the tender process, Alpha Research provided excellent value for money and we recommended that they be used for another survey, a different project involving a wider group.
Neil McCarthy, Assistant Director, Care and Support

What Our Clients Say

We have been lucky enough to received many testimonials from clients over the past 30 years, here are a selection of some of these endorsements.