Quantitative fieldwork

Alpha Research has more than 800 face to face and telephone interviewers across the UK.  What’s more, we believe that our interviewers are amongst the best in the business.  Not for us the call-centres full of students and resting actors.  Most of our regular interviewers have worked with us for many years, really enjoy their work and take it very seriously.  They have the skills and experience to deal with all types of people, and will always get the most out of respondents.

Furthermore, our interviewers understand that their role makes them ambassadors both for Alpha Research and for our clients, and as such they are always friendly and professional, whoever they are dealing with.

Our interviewers are hand-picked for each project, based on their style and experience, so whatever the requirements of the research, you can be sure that you’ve got the best team for the job.

What Our Clients Say

We have been lucky enough to received many testimonials from clients over the past 30 years, here are a selection of some of these endorsements.